On 10/4/18 I had been limping in pain since Spring 2018. Right knee swollen, hot & painful. I just have to say The Joint Relief Institute of Orland Park IL is phenomenal !! Everyone there makes you feel at ease & they are quick to find answers. Everyone who assisted me in getting to the root of my knee issue was extremely helpful. Prior doctors from Hinsdale Orthopedics of Naperville after doing x-rays and MRI of right knee both said I would knee a full knee replacement due to osteoarthritis, thin cartilage, and kneecap out of the normal groove (internal derangement they call it). Well, I don’t want to lose my kneecap! So I came here. They drained 68cc out of my knee (15 syringes!) and i was able to WALK normal again!!! YEP just drained it and gave me a shot for pain & brace to keep kneecap from shifting. The fluid had particles of ligament in it which is being tested (possible ruptured ligament) & prior MRI is also being looked at. They will call me next week with results. But I will not need total knee replacement. I was/am crying with joy right now. I can’t thank you enough to the two doctors who drained it !!! It is now 1am and i am still doing ok. MAKE NO MISTAKE- THIS PLACE KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING & CARES ABOUT YOUR ISSUES !!! 5 STARS ACROSS THE BOARD & THEN SOME !!!

Bonnie Larsen | 2 years ago
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