GO now!!!!!! i had pain in both my knees to the point i couldn’t walk up 10 stairs without stopping half way, this pain was due to inflammation in my knee and was only getting worse day by day, i was scared to go in because i’m only 32yrs old and was still in denial lol but on my FIRST VISIT everyone was very professional and polite i received a shot in both knees the same day and got INSTANT RELIEF taking away 90% of my pain by the end of the week i was 100% fine I still can’t believe it but i thank god for them because now i can run up the stairs again with my daughters and dance the night away with my husband I INA JONES RECOMMEND THIS PLACE 100% DON”T WALK THERE RUN!!!!!!!!!! To see a video of me getting my knee shots please go to my Instagram page under ESHOJAY SLAY…

Eshojay Slay | 2 years ago
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