Saw the advertisement in the paper while visiting in Chicago. Too good to be true, I thought. I’d had an unsuccessful cortisone injection 8 weeks earlier that did no good, but left my knee much more inflamed and painful. All mobility was painful and I was waking up in the middle of the night in pain. I was immobile and taking Tramadol and icing my knee constantly, waiting for the swelling to go down. So you can see why I was drawn to the advertisement. Using real time technology to track the injection makes perfect sense. I’d never heard of that.,I googled it, and could find no other provider with low dose motion digital imaging. I live in Champaign, IL, about 120 miles away. Back home, I called on Monday and drove in for the free screening on Tuesday. It turned out JRI is out of network for my insurance and was not covered. I was so disappointed. Dr. Hana managed to work out a reasonable out of pocket cost for me. I was desperate. I had my first shot that day.,The severe inflammation in my knee required draining each visit and then, the Hyalgan shot. Dr. Rad was so patient, knowledgable and thorough. He has drained my knee and given me the shot four times, so far. After my first shot, I requested Dr. Rad for future appointments. No problem. Dr. Rad answers all of my questions each visit and advises me on what I should and shouldn’t do during the week. I am so grateful for Dr. Rad’s expertise. My relief took a little longer than others, but 4 weeks later I am walking around, taking stairs, and returning to my normal life. I can’t wait for my next shot.,TAKE IT FROM SOMEONE WHO TRAVELED OVET 1000 MILES AND PAID OUT OF MY OWN POCKET TO GET KNEE PAIN RELIEF, JRI IS THE PLACE TO GO FOR JOINT PAIN RELIEF. IT’S ALL THEY DO, AND THEY DO IT BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE.,Sound too good to be true. BUT IT IS!

Gerri Bramfeld | 2 years ago
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