I would agree that their staff is some of the friendliest I have met. Although, meeting a new Dr each time I’m there was a bit disconcerting for me personally. But with a growing practice, I suppose that happens. They are really good at getting people through and getting their shots.. efficient, friendly. I didn’t, however, feel a continuity with one person, that someone really knew the conditions of my health. [Now…since this flare/tear happened, I have been cared for by Dr. Hana, and I feel comforted knowing he’s there for me, and he really knows the ins and outs of what’s happening w me. That makes a difference when you’re hurting. He has also brought in another fantastic doctor – Dr. Rad. Gentle in his disposition and really great in his expertise.],This week, what prompted this initial post was a flare that occurred after my 4th injections on Dec 26th and drainage of my right knee. Very painful. Initially, I did feel better which makes sense. I walked around for a little bit, but a few hours after I could not bear weight on my r knee, and I was in a lot of pain. I could tell, my r knee was swollen, moving up my thigh. Of course I called the Join Relief Institute several times and left one message.,I didn’t think they had an after hours (on call) service. What a disappointment. If you’re going to do something where patients can have any series of reactions, an after hours service, I think, would be important to have. [Updated Note: apparently they do have staff responsible to screen after hour calls, so I just happened to fall thru the cracks. The way they have since taken care of me, I increased my rating to 4 because an apology goes a long way for me, and they bent over backwards to be there for me – from Dr Hana, the office manager and every staff I’ve come across. I should have been seen there, yes, and not at urgent care. But people do make mistakes. I can offer grace when we’ve all made mistakes. Mine was not a fun one but don’t let that dissuade you from going here.],I ended up at urgent care on Dec. 26th, which is urgent but not fast moving. I was there 7-1030pm. JRI did eventually call me at 1040am the next day and the doctor I spoke to showed compassion and listened to everything. And they have continued to take care of me to ensure I’m ok. That makes a difference. I went through a really bad evening, but I know that if anything like that happens again, the staff at JRI wouldn’t let me be by myself.,If you’re looking for a great place to get your injections, I would agree this is definitely a good one. They do have an after hours service so don’t let my experience necessarily taint your opinion. I prefer continuity of care and a better list of post procedure reminders that are given to you when you leave. Now, when things calm down (they’re growing fast), I believe you can request one physician to stay with. At this point, Dr. Hana has personally ensured my well being, and I’m grateful for that. I’ve also been very impressed with Dr. Rad. I liked the rest of the physicians too but didnt get to know them long enough to give you an opinion about their skills. I think you need to get to know a few of them and decide who you click with and whose skills in handling your body gives you comfort. Hope this is taken as a fair post.

Jeannette Tandez | 2 years ago
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