My career as an Electrician lasted 37 years. Sometime in the last 15 years or so my knees began to give me trouble, and as time wore on, my knees wore out, and after several more years, my ability to work was compromised greatly. As a result, I was too slow, and my otherwise full employment that I enjoyed since I was 15 years old, was reduced to a few months at a time, and I had to depend on unemployment to keep me from losing my house.,Now the good news. I had to take an early retirement, but had knees that hampered free movement, and I believed that this is how the rest of my life was going to be, until my wife with some degree of coaxing, convinced me to try The Joint Relief Institute, she heard about on the radio, to see if they could help. I went to their free consultation, and got a thorough exam, and the Dr told me I was definately a candidate. I was given an injection (I hate shots), which was way less unpleasant than I feared, and I was fitted for a knee brace that came to my house early the next day. The pain slowly diminished over the next week, and after the second shot, I was able to walk the stairs normally. I admit, at 65 years old, I won’t try to do the things I did when I was 30, but my life is much more enjoyable without the pain and and difficulty every time I need to move. I strongly recommend anyone to go for a free consultation and treat yourself to a fuller, more mobile life you deserve it!

Jerry Sakol | a year ago
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