I’ve been going to JRI for a year and a half. I have severe, sometimes debilitating knee pain due to arthritis and inflammation.,Lived 80 miles away when I started, and out of range for insurance coverage. The digital imaging convinced me to try it. I paid $1500 out of pocket.,The first couple of shots didn’t make much of a difference, but by the time I had the last one, I could walk without much pain. I moved, qualified for insurance and had a second round 6 months later. My knees felt better with each shot and much better after the 5th shot.,I’m grateful to have found JRI and Drs. Hanna, Kosanovic & Khandaker. They have provided excellent care. They drain the fluid that has gathered in my knee and treat me with an antinflamatory and the GenVisc gel.,I’ve now had several months of physical therapy to strengthen my knees. It’s made a big difference.,I’ll keep going as long as it helps. Knee replacement surgery will be even more advanced by the time I need it.,JRI has made my life much better ,,Gerri Bramfeld

John F. Bramfeld | a year ago
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