I have completed the knee injections and have found great relief and am glad I embarked on this route. Before getting the injections I had pain walking and sleeping and this limited what I could do. Since the injections my pain has disappeared and I can walk over 30 minutes without pain. I just returned from a trip and could walk through the airport without a problem while also managing my onboard bag. I had heard the advertisement on WGN radio by John Williams and I also read the insert in our newspaper. I am glad that I took the risk and got the injections. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. The staff is very professional and friendly taking the time to explain any questions I had. The staff took the time to contact my insurance and explained how many injections were covered. I have completed the injections and have a follow-up in 8 weeks if I need it, otherwise I can call when and if my pain returns. If you are in pain with arthritis why not give the Joint Relief Institute a try—I did and I am glad I did and so is my family!!!!,Mary Ann Burns

Mary Ann Burns | 10 months ago
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