For years I have suffered with my knees, I was on warfarin and was told I could only use Tylenol then finally my family Dr decided I could use Voteren gel to rub on my knees only after my Dr who takes care of my blood said to ask family Dr. needless to say it didn’t work. The last 6 months were unbearable for me. I started having issues with my I T Bands, so another Dr sent me to therapy…yes it did help the issue with the bands but still my knees were in so much pain, I could not lift them bend them to stand or barely walk, I couldn’t get dressed properly or less I would sit down and struggle….I was losing hope of ever being normal again being active again. I cried and prayed every night for some help some relief from this pain… My husband heard on the radio about this Joint Relief Institute place so we called got an appointment very quickly. They were my salvation, the answer to my prayers!! I could barely walk in the office, but after the shots in my knees I could feel the difference walking out. After a day or so I could walk up my stairs, get up from my chair get dressed etc. I feel like my old self, actually better!! I absolutely love this place and everyone there. I would recommend it to everyone, I tell people who I don’t know but see they are in pain go to this institute, see if they can help you too. GO GO you have nothing to loose but your pain. 5 stars I love you !!

Peggy Franiak | 5 months ago
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