I know pain. I have been a severe fibromyalic for a number of years. One day I felt severe pain in my knees and in my right shoulder. I knew it was joint pain or bone pain. That same day I found an advertisement re The Joint Relief Institute of Orland Park. How strange that I found the advertisement that same day, or divine intervention? I took it to my primary care physician, first, and he said looks legit, go try it. So I did, could barely walk in, but left after one visit, pain free, and have remained pain free. I am starting on treatment on my right shoulder on Monday, March 19, 2018. I believe I was meant to find this place, and I remain excited and tell other people about the Institute. To find out how the doctors and staff are, simply read all of the reviews following. They are all very true. Thank you Joint Relief Institute!

Rose Deopere | 2 years ago
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