The right knee pain was with me for more than 2 years. The arthroscopic surgery and stem cell treatment along with regular exercises on a treadmill did not help. My knee was locked and very stiff when getting out of the car after a long drive or even getting up from a chair after sitting down for only a half hour. Going up and down stairs was also very difficult.,After reviewing many positive comments about the Joint Relief Institute, I decided to have the treatments at the Institute even it took 3 hours of driving from Indianapolis each way. With little expectation when seeing Dr. Hana for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised walking out of the office with little pain on the knee and after 3 hours of driving back home, my knee was little stiff and I was able to walk right away with just a little pain. Never thought that the very first injection had immediate effect on the knee; knee lock, stiffness and pain were significantly reduced. The knee got better after each treatment and I now can walk normally without limping after 5 treatments and have no problems in going up and down stairs. The pain treatment at Joint Relief Institute may not work for everyone, but you don’t know how effective it is until you experience it. I highly recommend Joint Relief Institute to anyone who has joint problems.

Tom Nguyen | a year ago
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