The number of total knee replacement surgeries done in the US each year has more than doubled between 1991 and 2010. A recent study analyzed data of more than 4800 patients with Osteoarthritis showed “One-third of Total Knee replacement performed may be inappropriate.”


Those are very painful and consuming surgeries, and the after-care following them is definitely not a walk in the park. Sadly, many come out of surgery worse off, and at this point, non-surgical treatment is no longer an option.


The Board certified Knee doctors at the Joint Relief Institute (JRI) have dedicated 100% of their career to improving non-surgical options. Using a very sophisticated cutting-edge digital imaging technology, they are able to see under the skin and the ligaments into the knee joint to accurately find the reason for the pain and precisely treat it. Thousands of patients were able to avoid Knee replacement. Few days after the knee injections, most of them returned to activities like dancing, golfing, shopping, losing weight, spending time quality time with their grandkids. For other patients, the injections meant going back to simple daily things that their pain prevented for a long time like walking the stairs in their house, getting in and out of the car without pain, and having a night full of sleep. The one thing we hear every day in the office is “life is much happier when your knees don’t hurt.”


This is the best part.  No knife is used. A very sophisticated live digital imaging technology is used to assist the doctors to see and navigate a very small needle precisely to the damaged areas while avoiding any sensitive structures in the joint. In fact, It’s not uncommon for the doctors to hear comment at the end of knee injections like this “Doctor are you done! I didn’t even know you started.”

No Downtime

After the knee injection, there’s no downtime. In fact, one lawyer goes to his full-time office and court day right out of the office, another 77 years old patient played and won a tennis tournament the day of the shot. It’s typical to find our patients go to the gym or shop all day in the mall across the street after receiving the treatment.


Medicare and most of the other insurance plans do cover the majority of the non-surgical knee and shoulder treatments. Currently, the office does provide an insurance specialist who will do a complimentary benefits check on any government or commercial plan. This allows you to have accurate information before you receive any knee injection. We don’t want you to have any unexpected charges. When it comes to self-pay plans, the office is both very flexible and considerate of your financial situations.


To allow you to fully evaluate all of your options, we decided to offer a FREE no risk screening. This means that any patient can visit the clinic, have his knee examined by one of our board certified physicians, if needed have an XRAY done to precisely determine the source of this pain, and learn if there are non-surgical options to manage it. This allows every patient to be fully informed from our world-class experts about the least invasive way to manage his or her pain.