Frequently asked questions about hyaluronic acid knee injections and relieving knee pain.

What happens during my knee injection treatment?

During your treatment for knee pain, your doctor will position a state-of-the-art digital X-ray machine over your knee. This incredible equipment is perfectly safe, and it gives the doctor a live video image of the inside of your knee. This means the doctor can see under the skin into your knee to find the troubled areas and guide the gel precisely to cover the sore spots 100% of the time where the gel will provide maximum relief.

The live video image means our injections are ALWAYS accurate. You’ll be able to see that for yourself on the monitor during your treatment. (Without live imaging, up to 70% of the joint injections land completely outside the joint space where it will never be able to give any pain relief.)

Will I feel anything during the injection in my knee?

Many patients wouldn’t believe we had even started the procedure if they hadn’t watched a live video of the whole thing on the monitor. The procedure is so gentle because we use a fine needle and an anesthetic spray to numb your knee. As a result, you’ll feel nothing but relief.

How quickly will knee injections take away my pain?

Knee injections provide pain relief in your knees in three ways, starting immediately.

First, the injection soothes the raw surfaces of your distressed cartilage. The relief is so immediate, you’ll feel better the moment you stand up from the doctor’s chair.

This first wave of relief rolls into the second wave of relief, a robust anti-inflammatory effect. This effect continues to work independently over the next few days, reducing and treating the painful inflammation in your knee.

Your third wave of relief comes as the gel itself begins to form a comfortable pillow inside your knee joint. This pillow delivers long-term relief by reducing the friction that caused your inflammation in the first place. You’ll enjoy anywhere from six months up to a few years of freedom from pain as your knees feel young again with this fresh pillow inside.

How many knee treatments will I need?

A typical course of treatment with hyaluronic acid is one injection every week for three to five weeks. So, you’ll have three to five injections spread over three to five weeks.

How long will my relief from knee pain last?

For some patients, the pain relief from a single series of three to five weekly injections will last for years. Other patients might come back for another series of injections six months later. Repeating the treatment is no problem because the treatment is safe and FDA-approved.

How long your relief lasts depends on your knees and your body, so we can tell you more about your specific situation when you come in for your Risk Free Assessment.

How do you make sure the treatment is as effective as possible?

About 70% of arthritis sufferers have a buildup of fluid in their joints, called bursitis. The bursitis fluid contains chemicals that cause you even more pain.

With blind injections, this fluid is very difficult to find and sometimes impossible to drain completely. Because we use live video X-ray equipment to see right into your knee, we can see where it is accumulating in your knee and drain the last drop of it before your treatment. Draining this pain-causing fluid gives you yet another level of immediate pain relief.

Removing the fluid also provides a long-term benefit. If the fluid were left in your knee, it would dilute the medicine injected into your knee. By removing the fluid before we inject the gel, we ensure your hyaluronic acid treatment is not diluted to produce the maximum effect.

Are there any side effects from hyaluronic acid injections?

Hyaluronic acid is the natural building block of human cartilage, so it’s 100% safe to inject hyaluronic acid into your body to restore the cartilage pillow between your bones. There are no side effects from this naturally occurring substance.

Are knee injections covered by Medicare and insurance?

Knee injections are covered by Medicare and by most insurance. In fact, many insurance companies will ask you to have knee injections before considering surgery. (Insurance companies understand how effective this treatment is compared to a risky knee surgery, so they almost always provide the coverage for it.)

When you come in for your Risk Free Assessment, our team can do a complimentary insurance coverage check for you.

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