Safe, effective treatment for knee pain.

Our non-surgical approach isn’t like the rest.

Our highly trained doctors gently place a lubricating gel inside your knee that stimulates your body’s ability to improve the cushioning you’ve lost over the years.

What is Happening Inside Your Knee?

As time goes on, the cartilage cushion in your knees naturally wears away with use, causing the bones to rub against themselves which results in the pain you’re experiencing now.

Rather than replacing the damaged parts, our approach is to restore them with a hyaluronic gel injection, which is the building block of your body's natural cartilage.



As an alternative to irreversible surgery, there are many reasons to explore our procedure as an option:


Relief is near-instantaneous, and you can walk out pain-free in less than an hour.


Approved by Medicare and most PPO insurance plans, with flex payment options available.


With your joint still intact, you have the freedom to pursue other options in the future if you wish.

Our Proven Process

Following an initial consultation to confirm we can perform the procedure effectively and determine any necessary customizations, here’s what we do:

  • Step 1: Numb Your Knee

    We use cold spray and Lidocaine to numb the knee to keep you comfortable during the procedure.

  • Step 2: Take Live Imaging

    We’ll use our specialized imaging technology to get a real-time look inside your knee. (read more about fluoroscopy below)

  • Step 3: Perform the Injection

    While viewing the imagery, we carefully inject the customized solution into your numbed knee.

  • Step 4: You Walk Out

    With nearly instant relief, you can walk right out of the office and go about the rest of your day however you’d like!


What Makes This Different?


The answer in one word: Fluoroscopy

When it comes to injections, the most important aspect is DOING IT ACCURATELY.

Without the right equipment, it’s impossible to visually confirm proper placement of the injection, and the gel could land in the tissues around the joint and never reach the joint to coat the raw areas.

At the Joint Relief Institute, we place the gel correctly 100% of the time by using a live-imaging technique called Fluoroscopy. Using this advanced technology, the provider can see through your knee to ensure the gel is always placed exactly where it needs to be.

What Happens After Treatment?

  • Live Your New-Normal Life

    There are very few physical limitations after the procedure – go do almost anything you want afterwards, pain free!

  • Visit for a Follow Up

    Depending on your treatment plan, you’ll visit 3-5 more times where we’ll check in to see how you’re doing and complete your gel series.

  • Graduate!

    When you receive your final treatment, our family celebrates with you, and we’ll schedule a future follow up to make sure you’re still living pain-free!


“It is a gift not to have surgery. Last year, my shots lasted all year. I taught fulltime, and I would not have been able to do that without these injections. Thank you.”

—Linda R.


“I highly recommend Joint Relief Institute. There was no pain during the procedure. Within a few short weeks, I was free from knee pain. Thank you so much.”

—Greg A.


“You all are SO polite! My knees have been feeling 100% better. I couldn’t even walk or go up the stairs and now I can go to the grocery stores with no problems.”

—Yolanda N.


“I would give them 10 stars if it were possible. I am so pleased and overwhelmingly happy with the help I have received from this clinic.”

—Lupa D.


“I love all of you!! You’ve always been so kind. Everyone here that I’ve had to interact with has been awesome…Is anyone NOT happy that works here?!”

—Kathy P.


“The customer service has been excellent and staff lowered my anxiety about the needles, they made it so easy for me.”

—Mary C.

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