Read About Why Our Providers Love the Joint Relief Institute!

The Joint Relief Institute is able to bring relief and hope to new patients every day, and we owe our ability to treat these patients to our incredible providers. Not only are our providers dedicated, talented, diligent, and communicative, but they believe in our mission and enjoy coming to work every day. We were lucky enough to be able to interview some of these fantastic providers, doctors, and technicians about their favorite parts of coming into JRI and are now sharing their answers with you!

We asked four JRI staff members about their favorite parts of coming into the Joint Relief Institute…

“My favorite part about coming into JRI would be the atmosphere. It doesn’t feel much like a job but more like a family. And I would say that’s because of the employees but also because of the patients. They’re all like family to us. We see them for 5 weeks in a row every 6 months and you start to build a relationship with them.”

“My favorite part about coming into JRI is the relationships I have created with the patients who have been coming here for the past six and a half years.”

“My favorite part about coming into work at JRI is not only be a part of an establishment that helps our patients receive relief and genuine care but the staff I work with makes a huge difference.”

“I love the relationships I have built over the past 4 years – with staff and with our patients. So many stories and memories.”

If you are suffering from osteoarthritic joint pain, or know someone living with osteoarthritis, book an appointment with the Joint Relief Institute by calling us at (708)-726-3112! Our providers can’t wait to build a special relationship with you just like we have with countless other patients.

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