The Joint Relief Institute Is Coming to Minneapolis!

We’re proud to announce some incredibly exciting news for seniors with osteoarthritis living in the greater Minneapolis area. In October, the Joint Relief Institute will be opening a location in Edina, MN – just southwest of Minneapolis. We’ve been injecting hope and providing relief for thousands of patients monthly in the Chicagoland area, and we cannot wait to meet our new patients in Minnesota!

For those of you who are just hearing about us for the first time, allow us to introduce ourselves. Since 2015, we have been administering viscosupplementation (more commonly known as gel shots) to patients who suffer from osteoarthritis of the knee. The injection of hyaluronic acid helps increase mobility and flexibility in patients who suffer from even advanced stages of bone-on-bone osteoarthritis. This procedure is non-invasive, fast-acting, painless, and affordable! Patients often will come in, receive their injection, and then walk out of the office to continue their day. The Joint Relief Institute has over 10 different gels to inject, in case of potential allergy, and we also use fluoroscopy – an advanced x-ray imaging technique that ensures accurate and effective injections. Without the use of fluoroscopy, even experienced providers can miss the joint 1/3rd of the time. An inaccurate injection may result in the medicine being ineffective – the Joint Relief Institute corrects this with accurate and safe injections.

Our founder, Dr. Michael Hana, MD, dedicated his medical career to studying gel injections after witnessing the post-op difficulties that many patients who receive surgeries face. Considering that knee surgeries come with very serious risks and are often performed unnecessarily (up to 1/3 of knee surgeries are performed on patients that do not need them!), he sought out to spread awareness and adoption of viscosupplementation, which does not come with the serious risks and life-altering consequences that a knee replacement surgery would.

The help and relief that gel injections can provide to patients in pain is inspiring to see firsthand. We’re known for keeping a close relationship with the folks who come in to receive our treatments, and we’ve been blessed to hear so many stories of amazing recovery. That is why we cannot wait to see you in Minneapolis, and show our patients that they, too, can conquer knee pain without knee replacement surgery!

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