What is the Success Rate of Viscosupplementation?

Several studies demonstrate significant efficacy of viscosupplementation, particularly for knee osteoarthritis. One study in particular shows that viscosupplementation offers pain relief and enhances the functioning of the knee joint by up to 70% compared to the placebo group.

(https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1877056814003235 )

Viscosupplementation can help to reduce the administration of opioid analgesics and NSAIDs. It also helps to delay or avoid joint replacement.

The 2006 Cochrane comprehensive review of the efficacy of viscosupplementation in osteoarthritis of knees revealed that the procedure is beneficial for improving physical function and reducing pain in the knees.

Some of the studies revealed that viscosupplementation is more effective compared to NSAIDs and has prolonged effects than corticosteroids.


Overall, the success rate of viscosupplementation varies from patient to patient. How long relief from the gel injections lasts depends on the severity of osteoarthritis and overall health condition.

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