Knee Pain Affects More Than Just Your Knees.

The emotional pain caused by preventing you from doing what you love can hurt even worse. BUT THERE'S HOPE!


Why Do Your Knees Hurt?

Your knee joint relies on cartilage to function properly; cartilage acts as a shock absorber and lubricant to create smooth movement between your thigh, shin, and kneecap. Over time though, your cartilage naturally breaks down and wears away.

This deterioration of cartilage introduces friction, caused by your bones physically rubbing together, which leads to the pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility you're experiencing.

How Can You Fix This?

The issue isn't your knee bones: it's your worn-down cartilage.

Rather than replacing damaged parts through surgery, we restore lost functionality using advanced imaging technology to ensure accurate placement of a gel made from a naturally occurring substance (hyaluronic acid) that lubricates your grinding bones and eases your pain.


Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid Gel

  • Affordable

    Fully covered by Medicare and most private insurance plans.

  • Non-Surgical

    15-minute procedure with virtually no restrictions or side effects.

  • Effective

    Approved by the FDA - accurate placement with live imaging technology.

Learn How You Can Reclaim Your Independence and Be Free from Knee Pain

Read this life-changing information in our Institute’s Knee Pain Guide:

  • What Could Be Causing Your Pain?

  • Common Treatment Options for Knee OA

  • Simple Step-by-Step Guide Towards Pain Relief


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