Two years and still pain free!!! Amazing staff so helpful and friendly above all...

Abdul K | 2 months ago

Explain procedure, get you in and out, no waiting. Got relief after the first se...

Steve H | 2 months ago

These people are so polite. The Drs are efficient. Highly recommend. Perla and D...

Gail C | 2 months ago

I have severe arthritis in both knees with bone-on-bone issues. I needed a cane ...

Kelly T | 11 months ago

Shawky G | 11 months ago

Geri B | 11 months ago

The treatment is helping! No more night muscle spasms. I am able to sleep now.

Faith A | 11 hours ago

I never felt better...should have done it a long time ago....thank you Joint Rel...

Hector M | 11 hours ago

Amazing! I felt relief from the very first visit! Quick and painless treatment! ...

Nikki M | 10 months ago

My wife is on her second round of treatments in both knees and she finds them to...

Richard T | 10 months ago

I have completed the knee injections and have found great relief and am glad I e...

Mary A Burns | 10 months ago

They are the best! They are professional and my appointment was on time. Highly ...

Rella H | 10 months ago

Great family oriented place where your in and out with less pain then you came w...

Bpo C | 10 months ago

I've always had the best of care here, and the pleasant personnel are a bonus to...

Carole D | 10 months ago

Great place ,great people and the shots are really helping me a lot .

Kenneth L | 10 months ago

So happy I do not limp any more. Out of pain

Kevin S | 10 months ago

Great service. Great costumer service as well!

Ladelle C | 10 months ago

After every visit I want to run because of the spring in my step.

Eugene J | 10 months ago


Jose S | a year ago

Easy appointment.

Indiana A Pentecostal Church of God | a week ago

absolutely wonderful I have shots in both my knees and I immediately feel relief...

Ethanmoney2020 E | 3 years ago

Beautiful job and treatment

Jesse P | 3 years ago

I would agree that their staff is some of the friendliest I have met. Although, ...

Jeannette T | 2 years ago

(Translated by Google) The pain in my knee was unbearable, I am very young but I...

Alberto P jr | 2 years ago

Fast service! Dr. Katrina and Perla were very friendly! Awesome office.

Narcizo G | 11 months ago

Both Sara and Perla were fantastic. They made it so easy!

Leon M | 11 months ago

The doctor's assistance and reception as are very friendly very attentive to my ...

Ms M | 11 months ago

valerie has always been so kind and professional perla gets five stars!

Diana B | 11 months ago

I love it and I feel better and walk better! Perla is so good and nice.

Dolores G | 11 months ago

Dr. Katrina and Perla are the best! Really good dr.

Patricia B | 11 months ago

They have great service and my knee feels better

Cynthia L | 11 months ago

Helped my knee feel much better.

Gene S | 11 months ago

Dr Katrina did fantastic, very understanding and extremely helpful.

Deborah M | 11 months ago

Valerie is very patient and has excellent patient care.

Odell T | 11 months ago

They have done wonders with my knees! Megan and Perla did very well.

Gary P | 11 months ago

Sara did very good!

K N | 11 months ago

Megen and Perla did wonderful!

Joy M | 11 months ago

Great staff,and great service!

Nicholas D | 11 months ago

They did great!!

John B | 11 months ago

Superior care!

Kathy H | 11 months ago

Clement did good

Alberto C | 11 months ago

(Translated by Google) I'm already better since the first injection. Clemente wa...

Susano P Mendoza | 11 months ago

(Translated by Google) Good attention!,(Original),Buena atencion!

Clemente D | 11 months ago

(Translated by Google) I'm impressed. Highly recommendo,(Original),Estoy impresi...

Miguel D | 11 months ago

(Translated by Google) Here the doctors treat me very well. Brushing it.,(Origin...

Emiliano S | 2 months ago

(Translated by Google) My husband is very satisfied with how they treated him,(O...

Olivia F | 2 months ago

Kathy C | 2 months ago

Amany K | 2 months ago

Eugene K | 2 months ago

Karl W | 2 months ago

Carolee M | 2 months ago

Connie M | 2 months ago

Mike P | 2 months ago

Stathia X | 2 months ago

Carol M | 2 months ago

Jose P | 2 days ago

Very friendly and treated me well!

Ralph Z | 12 hours ago

Clement did a great job! I was so relaxed. So professional. It has been working ...

Diane W | 11 months ago

These people are so nice! A piece of cake compared to other doctors. They explai...

Nancy W | 11 months ago

Staff is wonderful, pleasant and I got immediate relief. I got taken back to the...

Patricia G | 11 months ago

Dr.Katrina offered a new gel which hope will turn out great!! Wait time was very...

William H | 11 months ago

Excellent service! Great attitude. The atmosphere here is very plesent

Ernestine J | 11 months ago

Instant pain relief. Staff was very informative and friendly. I highly recommend...

Brian P | 11 months ago

I love Megan she has really been a great help to me would recommend her to any c...

Flora H | 11 months ago

This place is fast and easy.

Lillian B | 2 months ago

Cannot recommend more highly

Carla G | 2 months ago

Staff is very friendly and explains everything.

Wendy B | 2 months ago

My appointment went so well

Ashley S | 2 months ago

Staff, wait time procedure was GREAT!

Beverly O | 2 months ago

Been a patient since 2017 love the service and it has helped my mobility tremend...

Sheena H | 2 months ago

Got good treatment.

Tom J | 2 months ago

Dr Rahul is a great doctor

John H | 2 months ago

Incredible talent at this company!

Mary F | 2 months ago

Very helpful clinic.

Mrs F | 2 months ago

Great staff.

Leslie S | 2 months ago

Excellent job.

Arnuflo G | 2 months ago

Dr is good.

Marlene W | 2 months ago

Very pleasant appointment

Phyllis D | 2 months ago

Mario did great

Thomas O | 2 months ago

Everything went well with Sara.

Susan B | 2 months ago

Smooth and painless

Kim K | 2 months ago

Appointment went very well

Michael B | 2 months ago

(Translated by Google) I want to share the great help for my knees is the second...

Ofelia B | 2 months ago

(Translated by Google) Very good service. My knee treatment helps a lot.,(Origin...

Rosy H | 2 months ago

Mario was very nice and helpful. He explained everything very well.

Alvida K | 2 months ago

Sara is great. My appointment went super.

Brenda H | 2 months ago

Great people great service flexible and very caring.

Jim W | 2 months ago

Valerie is a delightful person and I am very pleased.

Karen N | 2 months ago

I love the staff and the service they give you. I would recommend it to anyone w...

Carolyn P | 2 months ago

Everybody was professional and polite. Have gotten relief with the gel injection...

Odis E | 2 months ago

Very friendly and professional. Injections almost pain free.

Kathleen E | 2 months ago

Clemson was very professional. Good job.

George K | 2 months ago

Painless procedure. Sara was great.

David G | 2 months ago

Dr.Khapekar explained everything good on my appointment. Feeling some pain relie...

Janice H | 2 months ago

The appointment was very good, good information and no additional charge

Maurice J | 2 months ago

Very efficient and no pain during procedure with Dr Khapekar.

Connie J | 2 months ago

Everyone was aweosme. Felt no pain at all highly recommend!

Kim R | 2 months ago


Edmund P | 2 months ago

My procedure was extremely helpful and now I feel so good but that I found this ...

Melissa M | 2 months ago

Clem,PA explained everything very well.

Melissa E | 2 months ago

Everything went well with my appointment. Everyone is very prompt.

Michaleen S | 2 months ago

Valerie was very personable and professional.

Lew L | 2 months ago

Today's appointment well good with Valerie.

Robert F | 2 months ago

Sara was excellent and pain free.

Hilde | 2 months ago

I love Dr Rahul. He's kind, compassionate and fun to talk to.

Rita S | 2 months ago

My Husband had a good experience at Joint Relief,he feels like he had great care...

Carol P | 2 months ago

Valerie was very personable and easy to talk to she does great with the injectio...

Dawn K | 2 months ago

My mom felt very comfortable. She was in good hands

Jenny O | 2 months ago

Everyone makes you feel comfortable. The service is excellent.

Tywanda A | 2 months ago

This joint injections has been a relief, my pain was at 10 all the time. Now I h...

Cheryl A | 2 months ago

The staff at Joint Relief Institute are just fabulous at customer service and ma...

Greg H | 2 months ago

As usual very comfortable. Very talented practitioners.

Joan K | 2 months ago

love Dr. Khapekar and Sara Hill, PA. Place is great and staff are extremely help...

Karen A | 2 months ago

Dr. Khapekar listens carefully to immediate issues and concerns. The entire prac...

Carolyn C | 2 months ago