Viscosupplementation vs. Knee Surgery: Is Surgery Your Only Option?

Groundbreaking treatment provides knee pain relief without surgery

32.5 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis, with knee osteoarthritis accounting for 80% of the disease burden. If recent trends continue, over half of these patients will undergo knee replacement surgery to ease their pain. Understandably, such surgery is not without risks and complications.

However, there’s a less invasive treatment available to you. Viscosupplementation is an effective, much safer alternative that can alleviate your pain and enable you to do the things you love.

“I didn’t know how much LIFE and SLEEP I was missing because of my knee pain, until it went away with this wonderful treatment.”

George R.

“Every day was hard. I couldn’t enjoy my favorite activities anymore. But thankfully, I’m back in full form. I am doing yard work for the first time in years!”

Phil M.

What Is Viscosupplementation and How Does It Work?

Viscosupplementation refers to the introduction of hyaluronic acid (HA) into the joint space, through intra-articular injections. To understand how this works, we must understand the osteoarthritis disease process.

The knee is a large, weight-bearing joint that holds up the majority of your body weight. Routine wear and tear damages joint cartilage, which triggers the release of harmful chemicals into the synovial fluid (the fluid between the bones). This release:

  1. Damages chondrocytes (cartilage-producing cells), worsening bone degeneration
  2. Causes pain, as the chemical mediators stimulate nerve fibers
  3. Thins the synovial fluid and impairs its production

As a result, the friction between the bones that make up the knee joint increases, leading to bony outgrowths and more pain.

Hyaluronic acid, a viscous component of the knee’s lubricating synovial fluid, helps slow the degenerative osteoarthritis process by:

  • Acting as a shock absorber, thus reducing friction between bones
  • Stimulating the production of other proteins into the joint space, strengthening the joint
  • Neutralizing toxic chemicals, thus stalling disease progression and pain

The Benefits of Viscosupplementation vs. Knee Surgery

Viscosupplementation is a viable treatment option for knee osteoarthritis, offering the following benefits when compared to knee replacement surgery:

Lower complication risk – A study evaluating viscosupplementation safety in 338 knee osteoarthritis patients found 99% of its side effects to be mild-to-moderate in intensity, rarely necessitating hospital admission. On the other hand, research links knee replacement with a wide range of complications, most of which equire hospital admission, such as: bleeding, infection, nerve damage, fracture, and more.

Research links knee replacement to a wide range of complications

No anesthesia complications – Viscosupplementation is a minimally invasive procedure that does not require anesthesia (general or spinal). However, total knee replacements cannot be performed without general anesthesia, which can lead to complications like low blood pressure or respiratory issues.

Viscosupplementation is a minimally invasive procedure that does not require anesthesia

Negligible recovery period – Viscosupplementation is an out-patient procedure, meaning that patients do not require hospital admission and can leave 5-10 minutes after their procedure. Most patients can resume their routine activities immediately. The only limitation is to not submerge the joint for 24 hours to reduce the risk of infection. In comparison, the average length of hospital stay following knee surgery is three days. This is usually followed by an intense rehabilitation phase, leaving patients unable to perform routine tasks up to six months following surgery.

Patients do not require hospital admission and can leave 5-10 minutes after their procedure

Here’s Why the Joint Relief Institute Does Viscosupplementation Better Than the Rest.

Medical studies have shown that without the use of advanced imaging technology (called Fluoroscopy), even experienced physicians miss the knee joint space up to 40% of the time. The board-certified doctors use Fluoroscopy for every procedure to guarantee 100% accurate placement of the hyaluronic injection.

This technology is so precise, so advanced, and so forefront that it’s been raising the bar for non-surgical treatments. Proven accuracy and effective treatment are some of the reasons why people are traveling hundreds of miles to get knee pain treatment from the doctors at the Joint Relief Institute.

“That is why I founded the Joint Relief Institute in 2015. I wanted to make sure that as many people as possible with knee pain can undergo a simple, low-risk, low-cost procedure that could change their lives.”

Mike Hana, MD
Founder of the
Joint Relief Institute

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